Revamp Your Living Room Decor That Sets The Tone

Dear Home Owners – ‘Your Voyage Ends Here’. Say ‘NO’ to your boring living homes. “Revamp” your living room and let it “Stand Out” from the rest.

Many of us have come across the phrase “The first impression is the best impression”. Your living room forms the core center of your home, as this space is frequently visited by guests and your near and dear ones. One need to give utmost priority in this space and select its decor scheme carefully as it creates the first and foremost impression of the home.

Whether you prefer a formal or informal, mid-century or Mediterranean, a classic or a rustic, the furniture in the living room should give a contemporary look. Placing the right furniture in the living room adds to the decor and sets the right tone as the living room is the most primary mode of interaction space for residents and guests. The living room highlights the lifestyle and sets an ideal tone for the rest of the home. In simple terms, the living room describes the owner’s taste, personality, and his/her preference.

One needs to understand two parameters while designing the living room.

  1. Choice of furniture
  2. Arrangement of furniture

Furniture’s in living room primarily comprises of sofas, tables, soft furnishings, and accessories. A number of homes today are giving much importance to landscaped gardens as a part of home decor.

Living room interior designing

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Simple Tips With Which You Can Pep Up The Living Room

  • Color sets the mood

Colors in the living room play a crucial role in setting the mood. Colors will add to the ambiance, energize and relax the space accordingly. A serene pattern in combination with soft blue and white can have a calm and soothing effect.

  • Dazzle up the walls and ceilings

Paint the walls and ceilings with a touch of the coat. Give your living room an elegant treatment, since it is the center point of your home. Make it more appealing and enchanting that express one’s personality. Design them with wall-coverings that reflect your style statement.

  • Select an elegant and comfortable flooring

As your living room is the center stage of your home, design it with elegant and comfortable flooring. Opt for a flooring that provides underfoot comfort that goes well with the decor. Wall to wall carpets in vibrant colors in a mix of stripes and floral will give a lasting impression.

  • Create a focal point

By creating a space for a focal point, makes your living room look glamorous and appealing. A focal point can be anything ranging from a fireplace or any kind of stunning artifacts or an art.

  • Create an ambiance lighting

Create an ambiance lighting in your living room for a much needed relaxed and comfortable mood. Do not hang designer lights that are very bright. Instead, aim for layers of light that are soothing and positioned downwards. One can also place a chandelier and table lamps to give your living room the much-needed glow and warmth.

  • Decorate with curtains, showpieces, and antiques

Pamper your living room with curtains in vibrant colors. One can also place an object depicting a scenery, showpieces, glasswares and antique items. These collections will make your living room come alive. Hang photo frames at an eye-level and never place it at high levels.